The Snazziest Picks
Prepare for Home-Based Learning
With the blended learning model becoming prevalent in the age of Covid, children are spending more time at home. This also means there’s a need for parents to plan for indoor activities to keep their children preoccupied. The best activities are, of course, both nurturing and enjoyable. Here are some buys that will help your child to stave off boredom while honing their creativity!

Drawing is a great way to build on your child’s creativity but drawing on paper can be wasteful and messy, with pencil shavings scattered throughout the house if you aren’t careful. Unleash the creativity in your child the easy way with myfirst Sketch Book. The electronic drawing pad lets your child draw, take notes, and erase with ease. Your child is sure to have a blast with the adjustable font thickness, pen tip size, and colour functions. What’s more, it is equipped with built-in memory and a share-to-app function, allowing you to digitalise and save your child’s masterpieces.
2. Casio CT-S1 Digital Keyboard
Let your child bring his musical inspiration to life with the Casio CT-S1 Digital Keyboard. The CT-S1 comes equipped with the AiX Sound Source technology that accurately reproduces 61 tunes, perfectly replicating the sounds of an acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, and more. Combined with integrated acoustic sounds, each note played is brought to life. With a classic design that complements the décor of any room, the Casio CT-S1 is a centrepiece that lets anyone express themselves through music effortlessly.
3. We Bare Bears Nutri5 Cereal Crisp (Assorted Flavours)
Featuring everyone’s favourite bear brothers, the We Bare Bears Nutri5 Cereal Crisps are not just a great source of nutritious energy, but also great as a bite-sized snack when you or your child are feeling the munchies. There are 2 flavours: Original and Chocolate, and each crisp comes individually-packed for ease of storage. Best of all, you get a FREE We Bare Bears sticker inside each box! Collect all 6 designs today!
Tide Over the Post-Holiday Blues
If there’s one thing that Singaporeans love, it's public holidays. National Day may be over, and the next public holiday is in November, but there's no reason you can't have a chill weekend. Here are some buys we’ve compiled for a laid-back weekend at home so you can keep your sweatpants on!

1. Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55"
The Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55" combines the best-in-class specifications with intuitive software for a viewing experience like no other. The high dynamic range, wide colour gamut and support for Dolby Vision® and HDR10+ produce true-to-life picture quality with vibrant colours and vivid details on the bezel-less display. Running on Android OS, the Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55” can be activated via Google assistant and even control other smart home devices in your home. Built-in Chromecast and Miracast also make casting content from your smartphone or tablet to the Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55" a breeze. Tapping on Dolby Audio® and DTS-HD® decoding for powerful 3D sound, the P1 delivers a rich and layered cinematic audio experience via its two 10W stereo speakers.
2. Crusty's Fortune Crabstick Crisps
Crusty's Fortune Crabstick Crisp is a union brought to you by two Singaporean brands that share the same passion for food. Prepared using the finest seafood by DoDo Singapore, the only crabstick (crab flavoured surimi) manufacturer in Singapore, and Crusty's Singapore's signature recipes, each crisp is a distinct mark of golden perfection and heritage infused with aromatic spices. Available in two flavours – Hot & Tangy, and Salted Egg – these treats will have your taste buds jumping for joy!
3. Red Velvet Queendom Mini Album [Photobook Version]
The summer queens have returned after two years with their long-awaited sixth mini-album Queendom! Looking rad in their full 5-member line-up, Red Velvet is ready for their carnival. The album contains six tracks, including the titular track "Queendom", described as a dance-pop song with a refreshing atmosphere and other anticipated tunes like "Knock on Wood" with its eccentric fairytale-like electro-punk influences. Grab your copy now, and don't miss out on the goodies, including a photobook, bookmark, poster and more!
Glam Up Your Stay-Home National Day Celebrations
While we are still up against a pandemic, there's no reason to hold out on celebrating our nation's birthday in the comfort of home. Deck up in patriotic reds and whites and have a blast with your loved ones this National Day with our recommended buys!

1. Lenovo IdeaPad 5
Much like Singapore, the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 packs real power in a tiny build. Powered by a speedy AMD® Ryzen™ 5 processor and 8GB Ram, the IdeaPad 5 unlocks a sweet spot of performance, connectivity and entertainment. Store large amounts of files and media with the 512GB solid-state drive. Watching videos is a treat, with crisp visuals on the 14" FHD display and the rich sound of front-facing Dolby Audio™-tuned speakers. In addition, the compact powerhouse weighs a mere 1.39kg, making it the perfect companion for work and school.
2. Crusty Popcorn (Bubble Tea & Chilli Crab Flavour)
Snacking may well be Singaporeans' favourite pastime. After all, who can forget the nostalgic taste of the ice lollies, ring pops and Polo biscuit snacks from the halcyon days? As work-from-home arrangement becomes the norm, many people stock up on snacks for a pick-me-up in the middle of the day or in between meetings. Of course, snacks go hand-in-hand with binge-watching TV shows as well. Celebrate the nation's birthday with 2 new flavours from Crusty Popcorn. Inspired by 2 of Singaporeans’ most beloved food items - Bubble Tea & Chilli Crab, Crusty Popcorn undergoes a special preparation method to deliver its signature crust. Every kernel is 100% preservative-free so enjoy them to your heart's content.
3. TWICE: Taste of Love
Staging their comeback as a 9-piece group with lead vocalist Jeongyeon returning from hiatus, TWICE is back with a new 6-track EP - Taste of Love. The summer-themed EP opening track, aptly named "Alcohol-Free", recounts the magical moments of being drunk on love. The mix of various genres, such as hip hop and bossa nova, coupled with the vocals of Jeongyeon, provides a breath of fresh air for an all-round excellent listen that will make fans and newcomers alike fall in love. The album comes in 3 versions: Taste, Fallen and In Love, complete with a photobook, coaster and many other goodies.
Make Every Day Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day has flown by, with many of us bringing forward celebratory plans in accordance with the new covid rules. While Mother’s Day is a special occasion, perhaps this situation offers us an opportunity to evaluate whether celebrating Mother’s Day alone is enough to show our appreciation for the love and care showered upon us. Why should we restrict ourselves to pampering them once a year? Show the most important person in your life your appreciation with these thoughtful gifts!

1. Braun BS1000 Body Mini Trimmer
While hardly enjoyable, hair trimming is a necessary evil we endure regularly. The BS1000 Mini Trimmer is a shaver that is gentle on skin and suitable for use on sensitive parts of the body. The 100% waterproof design allows you to use it anywhere, even in the shower. Sporting Braun’s renowned engineering technology, the BS1000 culminates more than 50 years of German expertise in hair removal in a precise and compact machine that fits right into your grooming regime or whenever you need a quick touch-up to look fabulous.
2. New Moon Bird's Nest with White Fungus
There’s a reason why bird’s nest remains one of the most popular gifts. It offers a plethora of health benefits, including better skin complexion, strengthening the body and aiding in recovery from common ailments. White fungus is another well-known herb with anti-inflammatory properties that nourishes the body, lungs and stomach. New Moon Bird’s Nest with White Fungus combines both wondrous ingredients into a convenient package. Brewed with no artificial colouring, flavouring, and preservatives, this tonic presents only the best that nature has to offer.
3. Casio CT-S1 61-key Keyboard
Impress your mother with a sweet serenade that demonstrates your love and appreciation. The AiX Sound Source technology on the Casio CT-S1 keyboard accurately produces rich sounds and realistic experiences of electric pianos, synths, organs, and much more. The CT-S1 works with the FREE Chordana App to accurately render the stereo grand piano while offering users control over the EQ, temperament, and delay. For beginners, the CT-S1 offers the handy option of backing tracks for guidance. Simply connect the micro-USB to any PC, Mac, or Android device and download the MIDI files via the Chordana App.
Get Your Zen on at Home

1. Honeywell HPA100WE True HEPA Allergen Remover
For many of us, our homes are our sanctums where we find our inner peace. Clean air at home is vital to our wellbeing, especially when so many of us are still working from home in some capacity. Honeywell HPA100WE True HEPA Allergen Remover is fitted with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter technology which draws in contaminated air and forces it through a robust filtration system. The process is quiet and removes contaminants, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), resulting in cleaner and fresher air being circulated back into the room. The Honeywell certified HEPA filters also capture up to 99.7% of airborne allergens, offering excellent protection against airborne particles such as dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, mould spores and even certain bacteria and viruses.
2. BTS 2021 Winter Package
Dancing is another great avenue for releasing stress. By promoting the secretion of endorphins, dancing can lift your spirits and alleviate the mood. Move your body to the upbeat tunes from Korean boyband group BTS. The group which bagged its first Grammy Awards nomination for the hit song "Dynamite" is back with the BTS 2021 Winter Package. Bringing together BTS's greatest hits and a whole lot of goodies, including a photobook, behind-the-scenes DVD, photo set and more, this is a must-have for BTS Army and a great way for new K-Pop fans to experience the band.
3. Vietjoy Fruit Leaf Tea Box
Tea is a traditional beverage that soothes and relaxes. Made from fruits and vegetables sustainably farmed and sourced in Vietnam, Vietjoy Fruit Leaf Tea comes in 7 flavours, including Guava Leaf, Roselle Flower, Moringa Leaf, Mulberry Leaf, Noni Fruits, Soursop Leaf and Lotus Leaf. Each of the different blends boasts its own plethora of health benefits from improving blood circulation, boosting metabolism, supplying antioxidants and more. The leaves are individually packed and sealed for the best taste and aroma, with no added preservatives, colourants or additives. What's more, they’re caffeine-free so you can sip away anytime, even before bed.
Jolly Good Deals for CNY

Tianje Cookies
1. Tianje Cookies
It's that time of the year when you get to gorge on goodies without remorse. Whether you’re feeling peckish after your Mahjong sessions or binge-watching Netflix series to Shou Ye, Tianje's range of delectable cookies are a quick fix to hunger pangs. You can’t go wrong with traditional flavours such as Almond, Pineapple, and Green Peas. Those craving more novel flavours can try the Nyonya Sambal Tullies or Cranberry Butter flavours. Manufactured by leading pastry maker, Tatawa industries, it'll be love at first bite.
NCT 2020 Resonance Part 2
2. NCT 2020 Resonance Part 2
NCT 2020 Resonance Part 2 is the second part of South Korean boy group NCT's second album. Featuring contributions by all 23 members, the album contains 8 brand new tracks, including critically-acclaimed singles "90's Love" and "Work It". The fresh hip-hop and dance tunes will provide a moment of relief to the blitz of Chinese New Year songs on the radio. Don’t miss this album!
Aztech ASC580 FusionVac Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner
3. Aztech ASC580 FusionVac Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Spring cleaning is a compulsory ritual for many families before the Chinese New Year celebrations. Take the pain out of cleaning with the Aztech ASC580 FusionVac Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner. Durable and lightweight, the flexible brush on the ASC580 makes cleaning hard-to-reach spaces – including narrow spaces and the ceiling – a breeze. Don't have a power socket nearby? No problem! Just detach the tube with an easy click of the Clip Connection button to convert the vacuum into handheld mode.
Scary Good Deals for a Spooktacular Halloween

1. SonicGear Earpump TWS 7
Planning for a horror movie marathon this Halloween? Then you must know that good sound effects can make all the difference on the spook factor. The SonicGear Earpump TWS 7 is a treat for your senses as it's loaded with dual drivers and boasts a powerful bass and high clarity that will match the expectations of any audiophile. The ergonomic in-ear design and excellent battery life (up to 8 hours of playtime + 24 Hours from charging case) mean it can well handle a movie marathon. The Bluetooth 5.0 and touch control will also make for a seamless experience.
2. Vinyls
Remember that iconic Hong Kong horror series, Shade of Darkness, which features the Chinese oldie, Endless Love? Music can certainly go a long way in setting the mood, even in horror films. Rediscover the golden age of music with the vinyls from the Kings and Queens of Pop music, including Michael Jackson and Madonna. With over 2,000 pieces of used vinyls by various artistes available at our flagship store, POP@Central at Bras Basah Centre, you can relive some of the era’s most iconic tunes!
3. Amazin' Graze Healthy Snacks
Worried about the kids loading up on too much sugar after Trick or Treating? Why not switch it up with a dose of healthy snacks from Amazin' Graze? Made from natural ingredients without refined sugar or salt, there is only joy and no guilt in every bite. Catered specifically to Asian palates, you indulge in a variety of unique flavours such as Pandan Coconut, Zesty Maple Nut, Sweet Chilli Nut and Coconut Curry Nut. Chocoholics can also try their Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix and Hazelnut Blackforest Granola, guaranteed to delight your tastebuds with cocoa goodness. Can't decide what to get? Grab the Granola or Nut Mix variety, which comes with 8 flavours each.
Post-NDP blues? Count on us!

1. Casio Keyboard
Still reeling from the high of an entirely unique National Day celebration this year? Not too late to learn to play your favourite NDP tunes on the red Casio CT-S200 Keyboard. The CT-S200 boasts an intuitive interface with an LCD screen, dial, and home button for a seamless experience. If you aren’t familiar with sight-reading, you can also practise by striking keys in unison with the onscreen guidance. Fans of dance music can compose your own dance tracks with the Dance Music Mode and Voices feature or unlock over 50 in-app demo songs by connecting to the Chordana Play app on your smart device.
2. Targus Newport 2-in-1 Backpack
Don’t we all love a versatile backpack like the NDP fun packs? Designed as the perfect companion for the urbanite, the Targus Newport 2-in-1 Backpack is a versatile carrier that switches between a tote and a backpack to suit every occasion. As a tote, the Newport exudes professionalism that accentuates any business attire. Tuck the shoulder straps in and it becomes a backpack for a chic smart-casual look. Its versatility extend to other areas as well, such as the water-repellent twill nylon it is made out of that shrugs off unwelcomed elements with ease. The padded shoulder straps can withstand heavy loads without putting additional strain on your shoulders. Gadgets fit snuggly into a protective cradle in the bag, while accessories can be stashed away in the hidden pockets.
3. Himalaya Salt Candy
Still suffering from discomfort in the throat from screaming yourself hoarse by the mobile column? The Himalaya Salt Candy will bring you the much needed relief you crave. Himalayan Pink Salt gives the hard candy its distinctive salty tones, which combines well with the sensations of cooling mint and zesty lemon, making it extra soothing on the throat while being an addictive treat at the same time.
Clean, Screen & Protect
With the outbreak of Covid-19, everyone’s lives have changed from small imperceptible ways to paradigm shifts in the way we work, socialise and live. Still, as long as we keep up with precautionary measures and self-monitoring, it’s no reason for us to miss out on various aspects of our lives in the past. As long as we all do our part, we can help protect ourselves and others in the community. Here are some ways you can stay at the top of your game during this time!

1. Clean
It goes without saying that maintaining good hygiene habits and cleanliness is one of the most effective ways to safeguard yourself. Bring hand sanitisers with you at all times and regularly sanitise your personal belongings, particularly those that come into close contact with your face, such as your handphones, spectacles and more. A UV Box may come in handy in this case if you want to ensure your personal belongings are free from germs and viruses.
2. Screen
The challenge Is always in identifying the symptoms of Covid-19. It’s not that there are no symptoms, but that the symptoms are not distinct and may often be neglected. Fever, cough, and other respiratory symptoms are commonplace illnesses that affect us from time to time, and that’s why it’s easy to overlook them. Make it a habit to monitor your daily body temperature and monitor yourselves for small symptoms. If in doubt, always seek medical advice immediately and stay home if you suspect that you might be ill.
3. Protect
We must continue to go about certain day-to-day activities, such as grocery shopping, purchasing daily necessities, exercising and more. So while these are unavoidable tasks, we can step up on our own protection to keep ourselves safe. Always mask up before heading out, but don’t forget to check the integrity of your masks before you do so. Disposable surgical masks must be replaced regularly while reusable masks should be washed gently to ensure high filtration efficiency!
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