Covid-19 Safety Measures at POPULAR Warehouse Sale
  1. Event venue will be complying with the stipulated occupancy limit or ensuring that at least one-metre distancing between individual customers, or group of customers (up to 8 persons) is possible within the event venue.
  2. Event venue will be demarcating queue lines for customers at the entrance and cashier counters, and ensuring at least one-metre distancing between customers (through floor markers). Shoppers may be required to wait approximately 30mins to during peak hours. We greatly appreciate the public’s patience and kind understanding.
  3. Event venue will be implementing SafeEntry for all visitors to facilitate the collection of information for contact tracing when needed.
  4. All employees, customers, delivery personnel, and other onsite personnel, will be required to put on their masks properly at all times.
  5. Event venue will be ensuring frequent cleaning and disinfection of common spaces such as counters and display shelves, where customers are served; items such as shopping trolleys/baskets and handrails, which have high human contact; and interactive hardware such as Self-Checkout Kiosks and iPads.
  6. Event venue will be limiting the testing of products, e.g, stationery, laptops, mobile phones, etc. Staff will be conducting product demonstrations where necessary. These products will also be sanitised regularly.
  7. Event venue will be placing hand sanitisers in close proximity of entrance/exit and high touch surfaces.
  8. Event venue will be broadcasting announcements to remind customers of safe distancing and limiting browsing and shopping time to one hour.